Higher Education in CESPU is essentially characterized by its high quality, rigor and level of demand. CESPU has implemented an innovative educational project, with active teaching methodologies so that students can take advantage of the best training possible.

CESPU is particularly concerned with the practical training in a real work of their students, enabling quite early, a direct contact with the hospital environment and the reality that one day they will face in their professional practice. This concern is evident in the growing number of health facilities, own and in partnership, which currently has the institution. CESPU educational establishments benefit a pleasant and welcoming academic environment, conducive not only to their professional development but also to their personal and social development. These are currently distributed by two Academic Campus, in the cities of Gandra (IUCS and ESSVS) and Vila Nova de Famalicão (ESSVA), having excellent facilities for higher education in health.

Campus GandraGandra University Campus 

Campus Va

V.N. Famalicão Academic Campus

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