The official language of CESPU is Portuguese, although we have teachers and staff with enough English, French and Spanish language proficiency to follow participants who don't speak Portuguese fluently.

For international students who want to make a mobility period at one of CESPU Schools, we recommend proficiency levels of A2 in Portuguese, A2 in Spanish and/or B2 in English. For international teachers and staff we recommend levels of C1 in English and/or C1 in Portuguese / Spanish, at least.


The required language(s) proficiency is previously agreed with our partners and it's used as one of mobility programs selection criteria, which implies previously preparation before being selected to go abroad.

CESPU has partnerships with Lancaster College and Aliance Française (languages teaching companies) where participants can enroll in multiple languages courses. After selection and placing, the Erasmus Office organizes several meetings for discussing mobility related issues - we highlight culture, language(s), in and outside opportunities to achieve the required language(s) proficiency, and useful networks.

To ask information about languages courses at provided by CESPU partners, please contact:

Rua Central de Gandra, 1317
Tlf.: (+351) 224 157 174/06
Fax: (+351) 224 157 102

The Erasmus office provides information about EILCs in host countries, schedule, application procedures and deadlines.


The Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) are specialized courses in the less widely used and less taught languages organized in the countries where these languages are used as teaching languages at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The languages English, German, French and Spanish (Castilian) are not eligible for EILC.

The EILCs take place in the following countries for the eligible languages in brackets: Belgium (Dutch), Bulgaria (Bulgarian), Croatia (Croatian), Cyprus (Greek), Czech Republic (Czech), Denmark (Danish), Estonia (Estonian), Finland (Finnish and Swedish), Greece (Greek), Hungary (Hungarian), Iceland (Icelandic), Italy (Italian), Latvia (Latvian), Lithuania (Lithuanian), Malta (Maltese), the Netherlands (Dutch), Norway (Norwegian), Poland (Polish), Portugal (Portuguese), Romania (Romanian), Slovakia (Slovak), Slovenia (Slovenian), Spain (Basque, Galician, Catalan or Valencian), Sweden (Swedish), Switzerland (Italian) and Turkey (Turkish).

List of Courses for 2013-14

Who can apply?

Students who have been selected for an Erasmus study/placement period in one of the organizing countries or regions have the opportunity to get to know their languages and cultures for two to six weeks with the aim of being prepared for the Erasmus mobility period. They may receive a supplementary mobility grant awarded by their home institutions to help cover extra costs.

Students whose main subject of study is the language of the country or region organizing the EILC are normally not eligible participants.

Students may not be charged a tuition fee for participation in an EILC course.

How to apply?

Applications and additional information are available from the European Commission’s website:
The application form should be filled electronically by the Erasmus students and sent by his home institution to the EILC organizing institutions.


As we said before, CESPU recommends proficiency levels of A2 in Portuguese, A2 in Spanish and/or B2 in English for students and, C1 in English and/or C1 in Spanish, at least, for teachers and staff. However, CESPU offers Intensive Portuguese Courses at the beginning of the 1st semester (September), depending on the number of applications (minimum – 10 persons) to those who want to have some Portuguese language skills. Application procedures are sent by email to all nominated participants in June/July. In addition, CESPU has staff with enough English, French and Spanish language proficiency to follow participants who don't speak Portuguese fluently.


Beginning of September (1 week before the classes) – exact dates to define
Academic Campus of Gandra
Target Group
Foreign students aged 17 and over, for whom Portuguese is a foreign language.
Duration of the Course
30 hours (conversation / reading / writing) – 1 week, 6h/day.
Level of Learning
Breakthrough (A1) - The target-group for this level are those students who are initiating the study of the language and wish to adjust their basic communication needs to the improvement of grammar, vocabulary and oral competence. Some aspects of Portuguese Culture will also be introduced.
ECTS credits
Students who successfully conclude the course will be awarded 1 ECTS credits.
Material needed during the Course
Students will receive a folder containing photocopied and original texts, as well as evaluation forms (self- and hetero-evaluation) with grammatical exercises.
The students will be given a test at the end of the week to evaluate their knowledge. Those who have attended classes and taken the tests will receive a Certificate.
Applicants from non-European Union countries (general public) must send a copy of their visa, without which the application will not be considered.
The registration fee (non-refundable and non-transferable) is 75euro per student and must be paid until 31st August 2013.

Application procedures and documents

  • Application Form (available on June/July) - must be sent to the Erasmus Office by email ( or regular mail to CESPU – ERASMUS | Rua Central de Gandra, 1317 | 4585-116 Gandra PRD – PORTUGAL.
  • 1 Small colored photo.
  • Copy of ID card or passport.