The Admissions Service is a link between CESPU schools and the future student, at the first entry to higher education and at other applications. Through it you can be aware of the entry schedules, get the access guides and tuition fees, and request all information it seems convenient to ask. Depending on the application note, and taking into account the limited number of seats in each course (numerus clausus), students are seriated and subsequently placed - or not - in one of the courses they have applied.


a) Holders of secondary education course or other legally equivalent that have achieved the national exam for the required admissions exams in the current year and / or two years prior;

b) Holders of foreign courses legally equivalent to the Portuguese secondary education level and the set exams may be replaced by final exams to subjects of those attended programmes progress in the elapsed academic year. (According to Portuguese Legislation - Artigo 20º do Decreto-Lei nº. 296-A/98)

c) Holders of a Technological Specialization Course (TSC) diploma;

d) Having more than 23 years, according to the Portuguese Legislation - Decreto-Lei nº. 64 de 21/03/2006;

e) Special Contingents for Portuguese emigrants;

f) Holders of Higher Education Degree Diploma (via General Secretariats of Students);

g) If registered or enrolled (in previous academic year) in a program / institution of higher education through Special Access Arrangements - change of program, transfer and readmission (via General Secretariats of Students).


They are a mean of evidence that attests the student's ability to attend and complete a given course; are mandatory and eliminatory by the programmes that require (e.g., Sports Aptitude Test for the Degree of Physical Education, Health and Sport.


The fees can be divided into 12 monthly tuitions. The total value includes classes, material to support laboratory classes and enrollment at the normal time of examinations. Special Conditions - consult the Admissions Service.


The academic universe of CESPU comprises cooperators and non-cooperators. The student with the status of cooperator has advantages in the area of school fees, access to health services and enrollment in continuous training activities (short programmes and post-graduations). More information - consult the Admissions Service.

Opening Hours: from Monday to Friday, 10h to 13h / 14h to 17h
General Contact: TLF: (+351) 224 15 71 74 | EMAIL:

Academic Campus of Gandra
TLF: (+351) 224 157 171 | Fax: (+351) 224 157 102

Academic Campus of V. N. Famalicão
TLF: (+351) 252 303 600 | Fax: (+351) 252 303 694


Each school has a Students General Secretariat who records and performs all administrative acts relating to registration, enrollment and learning attendance of students. In this service, students can also submit requests; ask for enrollment statements and / or registration, qualification certificates, habilitation certificates, appeal examinations, examinations review, curricular unit’s equivalencies, transfers, change of program or readmission.

Opening Hours and Contacts

University Campus of Gandra

from Monday to Friday, 10h00 to 13h00 / 14h00 to 16h00

from Monday to Friday, 10h00 to 13h00 / 14h00 to 17h00


Academic Campus of V. N. Famalicão

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 10h00 to 13h00 / 14h00 to 17h00
Wednesday and Friday, 10h00 to 13h00 / 14h00 to 18h00


In order to facilitate the access to academic information of great interest, CESPU invested in creating a digital platform where students and staff can access their institutional process and consult several information such as personal data, history of academic performance, payment history, taught courses and its programmes, regulations and important documents. To enter their personal page students and staff must access the webpage and correctly fill the fields Login and Password (assigned by the General Secretariat of Students). In case of doubt, contact .

This service aims to support all students competing for scholarships, providing personalized assistance in the preparing and analyzing their application processes to the Scholarship for Students of Private Higher Education, awarded by the Portuguese General Directorate of Higher Education - Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education. These grants are intended for students whose families do not have sufficient financial resources to support their studies in higher education and are considered, for this purpose, economically disadvantaged. The assigned value of the grant varies according to the household capitation.

Opening Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 10h to 12h / 14h to 17h

General Contact - TLF: (+351) 224 157 210| EMAIL:

More information -

This service is responsible for giving individual and customized support the final year students and alumni of CESPU, in their labor market insertion. In general, it seeks to promote the link between the academic world and business, accurately tailoring the demand and the supply. For this purpose, it manages an interactive job platform, where there is a constant contact with companies potentially interested in hiring CESPU graduated health professionals.

Opening Hours: from Monday to Friday, 10h30 to 12h30 / 14h30 to 16h00

General Contact - TLF: (+351) 224 157 200| EMAIL:

The Service of Psychological Support aims to support and provide psychological counseling to CESPU students during their process of learning and personal development. Thus, students can benefit from a specific and personalized assistance about their personal and academic problems, being referred to more specialized services, if necessary.

Opening Hours: From Monday to Friday, 10h to 12h / 15h to 17h00

General Contact - TLF: (+351) 224 157 197| EMAIL:

Its main function is to promote the rights and legitimate interests of polytechnic education students, in issues of educational, scientific, social or administrative nature. It will be accepted for analysis communications (complaints, claims, petitions, suggestions or statements) submitted in a proper form within a sealed envelope, and whose legal and regulatory deadlines have already been exhausted in the organs or competent services of the institution or of the respective organic units.

Opening Hours: Monday and Friday, 15h to 17h

General Contact - EMAIL:

The libraries of the Institutes managed by CESPU are intended to collect, preserve, process and disseminate all documentation and information on scientific, technical and technological about health, that are necessary for the implementation of policies on training, education and research. Libraries collection is available for presence reading of free access and open to the general public. In addition to the numerous titles printed for consultation, it also has a wide range of web databases and even different scientific journals.

University Campus of Gandra
Prof. Doutor Fernando Oliveira Torres Library (Building II)

Academic Campus of V. N. Famalicão
Vale do Ave Higher School of Health Library (2nd Floor)

Opening Hours: from Monday to Friday, 9h00h to 21h30 / Saturday, 09h00 to 13h00, except holidays.

The two Academic Campuses of CESPU have several spaces designed specifically on the needs of study and research of their students. In addition to several classrooms with computers and power points, the institution is equipped with a Wireless system that allows free internet access in all buildings. To access this system, students and staff should go to the Information Systems Department with their Login and Password (assigned by the General Secretariat of Students) and request the installation of the access software on their laptop.

Currently, the model of teaching / learning is based on the online environment, leveraging the capabilities of the Internet for communication and content distribution. The e-learning increases the chances of spreading knowledge and information for students and has become a way of democratizing knowledge to the layers of the population with access to new technologies, allowing knowledge to be available anytime and anywhere. CESPU provides a moodle portal that aggregates all the services and information relating to e-learning / b-learning and support the online classroom at To access to this platform students and teachers must use their personal credentials.


These grants are directed to students who are considered, after examining the situation of the household, economically disadvantaged. They are assigned by the General Directorate of Higher Education - Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education. The applications obey to specific rules and period and are made directly by the candidates at a national digital platform. For more information students should consult the School Integration and Social Action Service.


It was established, at national level, merit scholarships for students with remarkable academic achievement, regardless of their income. The attribution of these grants is made by CESPU through the student’s secretariat services and by the guardianship ministry, in accordance with specific regulations.


Erasmus grants are intended to assist with additional costs of mobility, i.e., travel and subsistence expenses (accommodation and meals). The fellowships are awarded considering the country of destination and the mobility period duration, through a guiding proposal provided by the National Agency for the Management of Life Long Learning Programme in Portugal (AN PROALV). The Erasmus students sent by CESPU who present socio-economic difficulties and/or special needs can also have access to additional Erasmus scholarships, to ensure that all students have access to the Erasmus program. For more information students should consult the International Relations – Erasmus Service.


According to Portuguese legislation, it was created a special system of loans to students and scholars of higher education, including students in technological specialization programmes, undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-graduate students within their attendance at this level of education, that gives them the possibility of getting financing from the bank in better conditions and without need for sureties or patrimonial guarantees. This system adds to the school social mechanisms of action and is strongly marked by the principle of universality. It also enables support for pupils covered by programs of international mobility, especially for stays abroad under the ERASMUS and other international exchange programs for students.


In partnership with Lusitania, CESPU also offers to its students a Tuition Fees Protection Insurance and a Health Insurance (Nova Saúde Card), having Advancecare as platform. This last one allows students to access a wide range of clinical services as some special discounts as well.

This is a segment of the student population particularly vulnerable to a range of problem-situations that are reflected in their physical, social and psychological well-being, as a result of possible disturbing constraints of their educational path. In this sense, the possibility of continuing their studies at higher education level, as well as a legal right, provides to these citizens a way to achieve better social integration, promoting their personal fulfillment and participation, as fullest as possible, in social and economic life. CESPU has sought to adapt its infrastructure to the special needs of these individuals; however, they all must expose their case to the Students Support Department, in order to verify that the conditions necessary for their integration really exist into the institution.

Students Associations (Student Unions) of CESPU schools have as their primary purpose the representation of students and safeguard their interests. They distinguish themselves by organizing several academic activities aimed to civic, physical, cultural and scientific development of the student community. In addition, they offer to the students a wide range of leisure infrastructures and and other advantages in a variety of services. These associations comprise the Nucleus of the respective student’s programmes which aim to promote activities adapted to each area of intervention. The cultural and recreational activities of CESPU students also finds expression in their various tunas, particularly in Oportuna - Men's Tuna of IUCS and ESSVS, in Tuninas - Women's Tuna of IUCS and ESSVS, in Incognituna - Men's Tuna of ESSVA and Magistuna - Women's Tuna of ESSVA. More than for its prizes and musical quality, the prestige of CESPU Tunas comes from the joy and playfulness applied in their performances and from the fellowship and friendship between its members. More information - contact the respective Students Associations.


Students Association of the University Institute of Health Sciences
General Contacts - TLF: (+351) 224 157 930 | EMAIL:

Students Association of the Vale do Sousa Higher School of Health
General Contacts - TLF: (+351) 224 157 148


Students Association of the Vale do Ave Higher School of Health
General Contacts - TLF: (+351) 252 303 605 | EMAIL: